Interactive Solutions for Small Businesses

We are a small agency with a long track record in web sites, development and CD/DVD interface design. But we've done just about everything.

We work hard to understand the story and image you're trying to convey. And we're experts at making graphics, typography and color come together to deliver an impact considerably larger than you might think your budget will allow.

We work with the latest technology and provide access to functionality that is normally beyond the budget of small businesses.

We're small enough so when you hire us, you get us, not interns or juniors or account reps. But we're not too small. We work with a network of freelance designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators to bring even the most ambitious projects in on time and within budget.

We also work hard to mesh with marketing and creative teams. One of our clients paid us a great compliment when he said, "You play well with others."

We understand small business challenges and we understand good web design and development. We’d like you to call us.



What We Do

We do website development. Now days most of the sites are developed in a CMS system that allows the client to directly access their site to make edits and add new content. We use commercial and open source CMS systems and then tailor them to meet your specific needs.

We integrate social media marketing into your website. Facebook and Twitter are the latest web marketing tools. They can be a great advantage when used properly. We can integrate them into you web site and put you on the leading edge of web marketing.

Need a blog? We do that too.

About LineAngle

LineAngle provides inteactive solutions for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. We have a presence in Port Townsend and Seattle, but our clients extend from the West Coast of the US to Paris. We have been providing these services to our clients since 1998.

Our goal is to assist you to utilize web and interactive resources at a reasonable cost. We maintain our own dedicated servers and partner with the online services you need to make your site work.

If you need a web site or a CD for customer presentations, we can design and produce it. If you don't want to bother with web site management, we can do it all — from design and copy to hosting and maintenance.

If your current website isn’t producing the results you want, we can do a quick re-design that meets your goals, whatever they may be.

Contact LineAngle now. We'll help you design a site that works.


We have carefully chosen companies that provide essential services to website maintenance and function.

Many sites are involved in e-commerce. That means you need credit card processing. It is a confusing world as you try to select just he right processer. We have taken the confusion out of it

LineAngle Services

Ever get tired of sitting on hold and then talking to some offshore service rep? That does not happen with LineAngle.

We are small. You talk directly to us and we attend to the details while you attend to your business.

Don't forget, even though we are small, we have partnering relationships with numerous other companies. We can always bring the exact resource needed directly to your project.

LineAngle Servers

LineAngle maintains its own dedicated servers. They are in a secure data center in Dallas and provide 24/7 telephone technical support. But the best part is we host only our own clients, so you will not be sharing a server with three or four hundered other sites. No more having your site go off line because of some rouge website sharing your server.

Our servers have huge dual hard drives that are backed up daily. We always have a copy of your site on the second hard drive. Our servers have 4GB of memory and are hooked up to one of the largest internet pipes in the country.

All this means fast and reliable service. And, you call and talk directly to us. We handle all the technical stuff for you.

Other Services

Autorize.Net — If you need to process credit card payments online, we can assist you in establishing an account with Authorize.Net. After trying all the others and looking at all the options, Authorize.Net is simply the best and easiest service. And, we help you set it up, so there is no confusion and no learning curve.

RedCondor.Com — We offer Red Condor spam and virus filtering for all email accounts hosted on our servers. This system really works! In three years of using it we have had only one false positive. The system stops all viruses and 99.8% of the spam before it even gets to the server.

Freshbooks.Com — We do all our billing through Fresh Books. This means you can login to your account, check the status of your account and make payments online. The hassle is gone and you always know just where your are.

Intermedia Exchange Hosting — While our hosting plans provide a very robust mail service offering both POP and IMAP accounts, we prefer a real hosted exchange solution. This allows the client to utilize clients on their phone, iPad, laptop, notebook and desktop that produce the same email account. Beyond that the service provides the best web interface in the industry for email. True Outlook on the web. While this solution is not as cheap as just using a pop account on your domain server the advantages really pay off for a small business. A full Exchange solution with spam and virus filters, 3 or more email accounts, 25 GB of storage and someone elst to manage it for you. All that for $25 a month. We can assist you in setting up your domain to work with Intermedia.




This page represents only a small sample of sites we have designed and developed. We would be happy to provide a list of other sites should you require more detail. Each site LineAngle develops is unique.

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Allan Double Reeds
Beach House Condos at Hudson Point
Bernad Vidal Photography
Birchfield Properties
Cape George Colony Club
Cape George Real Estate
Emerald Reed Company
Footprint Exhibits
Holidays France Rentals
Jefferson County (WA) Department of Publich Health
Jefferson County (WA) Sheriff's Office
Jones Ward Law
Kala Point Real Estate

Keystone Windows and Doors
Leaf Solutions Northwest
Licensed Massage Directory
Marais House B&B
Marlin Lesher Reeds
Mason County (WA) Sheriff's Office
Moffett Personal Training Studio
Port Townsend Land Guy
Port Townsend School of Massage
Quick Edit Online
Retired Seattle Police Officers Association
Richmond Manor Condominimums
Sally Ferguson Custom Jewelry




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Seattle & Port Townsend

LineAngle maintains a presence in Seattle and Port Townsend, Washington. But, thanks to the internet we are not limited to servicing only those areas. We have clients in several states and even in Paris.

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